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  Iowa County Wind Energy Information

Wind Energy project contact information:

Mid-American Energy

Sara Houlihan  - Phone: 515-242-4072


Sarah Eberly - Phone 312-582-1062    

Signed Agreement with Diamond Trail Wind Energy LLC

Map of Diamond Trail Wind Turbines 7.17.2019

Email 2 of 2 regarding wind sites

Iowa County Road Use agreement 7.26.19

   - Map of the Diamond Trail Haul Route

Signed Decommissioning Plan 9.13.2019

Ordinance 32 Regarding Wind Conversion Systems


Rules for Public Hearings on an Ordinance

In the event that the Chair of the Board of Supervisors has a conflict of interest, the presiding officer shall be the Vice Chair or any other member agreed to by the Board.

Any member of the public that wishes to address the Board on the ordinance at hand shall sign up before the hearing starts with their name and address for the record.

The hearing will be called to order and the presiding officer shall ask for a motion to open the public hearing.

The Presiding Officer shall ask the Auditor, or Deputy Auditor:

1.        If the ordnance has been published and is within the time frame required by the Code of Iowa.

2.       If any written comments have been submitted.

The Presiding Officer will then read the first name on the sign in list and ask then to approach the podium, if one is provided, with their comments. The Presiding Officer shall go down the list in the order they were signed in.  If a member of the public feels that their comments have already been made they can waive their turn when their name is called.

Oral comments will be limited to 2 minutes unless the Board agrees to extend this time.  Each person is limited to addressing the Board one time during the public hearing, unless an exemption is granted by the Board.  Any person wishing to give written documentation to the Board during the hearing shall provide it to the Auditor to be stamped as received.

All comments must be limited to the contents of the ordinance being discussed.

Comments should be cumulative and non-repetitive to other public comments made at the hearing.

All public comment shall be addressed to the Board of Supervisors as a body and not to any single Board member or member of the public.

No person other than the board and the person having the floor shall be permitted to enter into any discussion without the permission of the presiding officer. No question shall be asked of a board member except through the presiding officer.

The presiding officer may, with the acquiescence of a majority of the Board of Supervisors, require any member of the public to yield the floor, to discontinue his/her remarks, or to cease given activity, if in the judgment of the board that person's actions or remarks may unduly disrupt the decorum of the proceedings, or create the risk of public disturbance. If any such person refuses to obey the presiding officer's directive, the presiding officer may order the person to leave the board meeting.

When the public hearing has concluded, the presiding officer shall ask for a motion and a second to close the public hearing and then call the vote.

If at the first and second public hearing the vote passes, the date and time of the next hearing will be announced.  If the vote fails the ordinance is dead.   

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Canadian Geese are abundant in Iowa County

Corn is one of Iowa County, Iowas main cash crops

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in Iowa County

Ringneck Pheasant provides for great hunting in Iowa County