The Iowa County Conservation Board has adopted an educational program that promotes awareness and experience through a combination of school and public programs.

  Iowa County, Iowa - Conservation

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Natural Areas

Iowa County was a natural gateway to the west. Since the mid 1800's, early pioneers traveled throughout Iowa County and into the Iowa Wilderness. Pioneers and military wagon trains wound their way through oak groves and expanses of tall grass prairie along the Diamond Trail. Settlers followed the Iowa River and English River into the heart of the country, settling on farms and in small towns. Along the way, they encountered a great diversity of landscapes from oak hickory savannas to oxbow marshes.

Today, Interstate 80 is the main thoroughfare and Iowa County still boasts of beautiful forests and rolling prairies, riparian river corridors and diverse wildlife. The people of Iowa County still value the land and have set aside natural areas with the help of the Iowa County Conservation Board.

Many of our county areas are managed as wildlife habitat and conservation areas. They range from the Fuller Addition, 160 acre wetland along the English River that adjoins 330 acres in neighboring counties to the 20 acre Butler Timber. There are three preserves where hunting and trapping is not allowed but most other outdoor activities are permitted.

Lake Iowa Park is our largest recreational area including a 97 acre lake, camp ground and trails. Since 1962, visitors have enjoyed fishing, camping, picnicking, hiking and swimming. Winter sports such as cross country skiing, ice fishing and winter camping also available. Naturalist programs are offered throughout the year. Gateway Park and Preserve, which has a 40 acre pond and access to the Iowa River is another of our recreational areas.

Iowa County is the home of many unique natural areas located off the "I-80 trail". If you would like to visit, feel free to contact us by phone, fax, email or just stop by Lake Iowa Park and visit with the Conservation Board staff.

Conservation Education Program
In order to encourage or 'wise use' of natural resources, the Iowa County Conservation Board has adopted an educational program that promotes awareness and experience through a combination of school and public programs.

The school program is a series of field day, school yard and classroom activities for students in Pre-school to High School. Each activity presents a hands-on approach to ecology, biology, outdoor skills and resource conservation management.

A variety of workshops, presentations, hikes and campground programs are also presented for the general public. A free quarterly newsletter lists events and highlights projects and topics related to conservation board activities and areas.

The Iowa County Conservation Board and staff work for the people of Iowa County. The education program is just one of the services we provide, therefore, fees are not usually charged for our programs, however donations are always appreciated.

Conservation Board Members:

Justin Parsons-Board Member
John Gahring-Board Member,
Rose Danaher- Board Member,
Chris Montross-Board Member,
Marcia Wehner- Board Member Conservation

Address of office:
2550 G Avenue
Ladora, Iowa 52251

Phone Number:
(319) 655-8465

Employees in
  Chris Anderson,
Conservation Director

Phil DeJarnatte,
Park Ranger/Maintenance Tech.

Mary Bulger,Naturalist

Shelley Berger, Office Assistant

Regular meetings are held the second Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at the Lake Iowa Nature Center.


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Gateway Park & Preserve


Vets Memorial in Gateway Park 

Gateway Park Arboretum 

Meditation Area in Gateway Park

Lake Iowa