Iowa County Sheriff's Office - Jail Division.

Iowa County Sheriff’s Office – Jail Division

 Mission Statement 

The Iowa County Sheriffs Office is a government agency whose primary function is the enforcement of laws.  Iowa County Sheriff’s Deputies are compensated and have powers of arrest and apprehension.

It is the mission of the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office to provide safe and efficient service to the citizens of Iowa County;

  • to provide equal enforcement and protection of the law without prejudice or favor.
  • To provide a humane and secure jail and security to our courts and Judicial System.

Mission of the Jail Division

The mission of the Iowa County Correctional Center is to provide a facility that is safe, clean, and sanitary for detainees throughout the time of their incarceration.  It is the policy of Iowa County, and this facility to treat all detainees with dignity and respect while maintaining a safe, secure, and sanitary detention facility.

Please contact the Iowa County Sheriff’s Office – Jail Division at 319-642-7307 with any questions regarding the jail or jail policy. 

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Jail Accommodation Fees

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Jail Correspondence Policy

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Jail Visitation Policy

PDF icon Prison Rape Elimination Act
PDF icon 2018 PREA Aunnual Report
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Address of office:
960 Franklyn Ave
Marengo IA 52301

Phone Number:
(319) 642-7307

FAX Number:
 (319) 642-3826

Robert Rotter, Iowa County Sheriff
Office holder name:
Robert Rotter


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